The one who laughs doesn't cry. With this motto Europe's first and unique cuddly zoo regularly visits children's villages and children's homes.

Many of these children have a traumatic past and are left with emotional gaps that are hard to fill. Our regular visits teach the children a new image of friendship, closeness and trust.

Making friendship perceptible

Cuddly animals are the earliest companions of our youngest. They are there from the start, are soft and cuddly, are always listening in good and bad times and they never judge. That's how children view their fuzzy companions and that's what the cuddly zoo of Furries For Kids is all about.

Our appearance as big, cuddly animals makes it easier for children to trust and allow friendship. The fluffy fur also gives a feeling of closeness which makes it easier for the children to open up.

Regularity as our highest law

From emotional absence of the parents, children often conclude that they can't rely on anything or anyone. They won't allow closeness or trust.

Our gift to the children is the chance to learn to allow closeness and trust again. Our promise to visit regularly creates hope and anticipation which we never disappoint. This way the children learn that there will always be someone in their life who doesn't punish unwanted behavior with rejection or withdrawal of affection, but always returns without exception and accepts them as they are.

Forgetting pain the natural way

Because our cuddly animals don’t talk, children are able to open up about their fears, worries and problems without being afraid of being judged. This helps to cope with individual strain, piece by piece. Of course positive experiences are shared with the cuddly animals as well which helps to create a positive atmosphere that influences the children’s village as a whole. The closeness and joy children feel during our visits works like a therapy and helps them to deal with emotional scars. This doesn’t only boost vitality, but also the physical and mental health in the long term.

Laughter as a therapy

Science is researching laughter. It's good for your body because through moving and contracting various muscles you're doing hard work. Laughter is also healthy for your soul as it helps in dealing with negative emotions. Laughter takes children out of worrisome thoughts and moments. It shows them that there is lots of good in the world and that there is someone who shares this joy with them. This way, the children can cope with their pain in a natural manner.