A total of 46 voluntary workers in Austria and Germany have made it their mission to give children - specifically orphaned children in children’s villages - joy of life.

The children are being visited regularly. Regularity is especially important to create a bond of trust and friendship. That's how our work has a therapeutic effect, because the one who laughs doesn't cry!


Furries for Kids was founded in the autumn of 2013 with the goal to make people forget the troubles and sad phases of their daily life. Through pantomimic interaction in cuddly animal costumes on the street, in parks and other public institutions a small group of 12 people follows this idea. The public response to these first appearances is incredibly positive already and motivates to continue.

Until the beginning of 2014 the number of voluntary workers had doubled. At this point the charity organisation is founded. The goal of this organisation is clear: Bringing joy and laughter to those, whose lives have been dominated by worries and misery. Orphaned children which grow up without their parents are heavily concerned.

In 2015 the cuddly zoo of Furries For Kids already visits 4 children's villages with around 130 children on a regular basis. The organisation relies on quality during their visits, not quantity. A profound education and continuing qualification for the cuddly animals and the assisting "zookeepers" become obligatory. On top of that an intern team ensures regular quality controls.

From 2016 onwards Furries For Kids isn't active only in Austria. In Germany the cuddly zoo becomes active as well to spread joy of life among those that need it the most: Orphaned children in children's villages. Now a total of 5 villages with almost 200 children are looked after.

2017 the organisation is put one the list of tax-deductible beneficiaries of the federal ministry of finances, which makes donations to Furries For Kids automatically tax-deductible.